Introducing the QUINOA synthesizer

The origin of this project

Introducing the QUINOA synthesizer: inspired by a program created by Jan Ostman, this synthesizer has been specially designed to feature “Strings” sounds.

This is first and foremost an “Upcycling” creation: a Bontempi organ has been taken over and greatly improved.

Quinoa synthesizer during the making process

Introducing the QUINOA synthesizer: Hybrid technology

This synthesizer uses Arduino Nano circuits to generate its sounds (4-voice digital paraphony), as does the keyboard (Mega 2560 model). The 12db resonant low-pass filtering is entirely analog.

An open concept

Inside the device, the notes from the keyboard circulate in MIDI format, enabling the circuit to be used for another purpose if desired. A tutorial explaining its construction has been published on the Oui Are Makers website, with the following sources (French website).

Chewbacca playing with the Quinoa synthesizer at Maker Faire Lille 2016

TFirst intended for studio use, the Quinoa synthesizer was presented at the first Maker Faire in Lille in 2016. The instrument is not for sale, but any Maker who wishes can access the sources to adapt them to any other instrument.

The first notes of Quinoa during its making process

A constantly evolving concept

A number of additions are planned to expand the possibilities of this synthesizer. Here are just a few examples :

Headphone jack

Analog meter

Digital effects (Delay, Reverb, Chorus…)

Tablet (touch control)